Kynol® Fibers and Textiles

Kynol® Novoloid fibers are cured phenol-aldehyde fibers. Their specific advantages include high flame resistance, minimal smoke emission and practically no toxic off-gassing in flame (neither HCN nor halogens etc). They display outstanding resistance to acids, bleaches, solvents, fuels, other chemicals and steam; and in addition excellent electrical and thermal insulation (down to minus 196°C).


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Kynol® Carbon Products

Kynol® carbon fibers, yarns, fabrics, felts, etc. are amorphous in structure. Therefore, it is a low-modulus, moderate strength material in comparison to some high-modulus, high-strength carbon fibers. They show excellent lubricity, have an outstanding chemical resistance and a lower specific gravity than other types of carbon fibers.

Kynol® fibers and products made from them are used as precursors for carbonisation to yield Kynol® carbon products (fibers, yarns, fabrics, felts, etc.). Because of their amorphous structure they are non-abrasive.

Kynol® also shows excellent results in carbon/carbon composites. Due to their high compatibility with lubricants and impregnants braided Kynol® carbon packings are used widely, specially in high performance applications.

Kynol® Activated Carbon Products

Their physico-chemical composition makes Kynol® fibers and textiles excellent precursors for activated carbon textile products. The specific surface area can be set individually in the range of 800 to 2500 m²/g.

The technical advantages, for example high spontaneity of ad- and desorption, excellent rates of removal (even at ppb concentrations) and prevention of "channelling", combined with sufficient strength, favour the use of Kynol® activated carbons.

They are highly useful in applications, such as air filtration, solvent recovery, ozone elimination, NBC-protection, and water treatment. Kynol® activated carbons are also used in electrical and electronic applications, e.g., in double layer capacitors.

Overview of Kynol® Activated Carbon Fibers & Textiles